【暑期班】生活英语听说(2016暑期班) Unit 2-1

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Unit 2


My mother is my best friend, and I can talk to her about anything. She helps me through everything, and we don’t have any secrets. Whenever I feel lonely, my mother is the only person I can talk to.

My mother has been my best friend for as long as I can remember, and I prefer her company over anyone else. She is kind, intelligent, funny and a good listener. I can say without bias that I’ve never met another person more worth being friends with.

Sure, I’ve had friends, but I just liked my mom more than them. I didn’t feel the need to go shopping with my friends and I’ve kept contact with hardly anyone from those years of my life. To this day, I tend to relate better to people decades older than me. I have given my mother so much access to me that it is difficult to be myself. My friends told me that I’m living in a house without walls – emotional walls.

At 25, I am only now learning how to make and maintain friendships outside of my family circle. Feeling that my mom doesn’t understand my life has encouraged me to develop a new circle of friends that has nothing to do with her. It’s helped me to keep some things private from her. I started setting boundaries. For example, my mother doesn’t know what music I’m listening to. I still feel the urge to tell her, but now there’s a voice in the back of my head that reminds me some things need to be mine and only mine. By nature of being a great best friend and parent, my mom understands and accepts this.

I hope it’s a compliment to my mother that her role in my life has always been too comforting and too loving — so much so that I had to start keeping a distance from her.



Kevin: There are six members in my family. All of us have gone to the same university. My father went to North Georgia University as a history major and was part of the Golden Eagle Band. My mother was an art major and became an art teacher after college. My older brother went to study music. And I went to study Chinese though I also have a music minor. My little sister is coming up to study foreign languages too, though she wants to go on to foreign affairs. And my little brother wants to come up to learn Russian. Both of my grandparents also went to North Georgia University and studied there. This is where both my grandparents and my parents met each other. Now at home in south Georgia, I have four dogs named Darla, Pig, Lily and Romy. I have seven cats which is too many to name. And I have a fish pond of my own which I dug out of the ground.

Katherine: My family consists of my father, my boyfriend, my cat and my friends. My father is a 65-year-old man who used to work as a newspaper. He used to review movies for a living. But now he’s retired and very involved in his community. We have a very good relationship. I live with my boyfriend and my cat. My cat is an all-black cat named Darkness. My boyfriend is an occupational therapist. My friends are also very important to me and I consider them family. They are closer to me than any brother or sister could be and I know they would do anything for me as I would do anything for them. I feel very lucky to have so many people in my life.

Christine: I have six people in my immediate family. I have my two parents who are in their fifties. My father is named John and he is an accountant at a big firm in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I have my mother. She is an assistant to a doctor. And then I have an older brother who is in the US Air Force. He is 27 years old. And then I have an older sister. Her name is Sarah. She is married with two small boys aged 6 months and two years. And then I have a younger brother who is starting at the college that I am attending. My family also has a dog. Her name is Jasmine. And she is a black toy poodle.

Christine: We’ve been friends since childhood. Our mothers were friends. And we were even born in the same month

Katherine: We can’t remember a time when we weren’t part of each other’s lives. In fact, we’re like family. I’m the only child in my family. So you’re like the sister I never had.

Christine: We’ve spent so much time together that even our personality and our habits are similar.

Katherine: Everyday we spent together we became more and more alike. We’re really more like soul-mates than friends.

Christine: We have no secrets from each other. We tell each other everything. In fact, we even finish each other’s…

Katherine: Sentences.

Kirk: Hi Michael! Hi Stanley!

Stanley & Michael: Hi Kirk!

Kirk: How are you guys?

Michael: We are fine.

Kirk: Can I join you guys?

S&M: Yes, of course.

Kirk: How often do you guys play basketball?

Michael: I play… I often play basketball.

Stanley: I’m just a beginner, so I’m not good at it. That’s why I come to him.

Kirk: Oh, very cool! What do you guys like most about basketball?

Michael: I like it because it is very fun and relaxing. It is good for our health.

Stanley: I like it because I can make me stronger and taller.

Kirk: Yeah, that’s true.

Michael: How about you?

Kirk: I don’t know.

Kirk: I really like playing sports a lot but I don’t get to play basketball very often. And I think that basketball is really great way to spend time together with friends you know.

S&M: Yeah!

Kirk: Let’s play a game.

S&M: Sure. Let’s go!

Dillon: What are you doing?

Christine: I’m reading this book by Han Han.

Dillon: Do you like his books?

Christine: I do. He’s one of my favorite authors. I’ve liked his books since I read his first one.

Dillon: Do you like David Beckham?

Christine: I used to until he left England and joined the Real Madrid team in Spain.

Dillon: I admire him very much. So much that I became a member of his fan club.

Christine: I had no idea that you were so star-struck.

Dillon: Yes. I’ve admired him since I was a kid. Would you like to see my autograph book?

Christine: Sure. Do you have a lot of autographs?

Dillon: Yes. I have quite a few. I hope to have a nice collection of his photos one day.

Christine: Are you also interested in celebrity gossip?

Dillon: Not really. I prefer doing math.


Christine: Kate, do you think that appearances are important?

Katherine: Well, maybe a little. No one can say they are not important.

Christine: Why do we put so much emphasis on appearance?

Katherine: Well, we judge other people by first impression, but in the end, it’s personality that counts.

Christine: Really?

Katherine: Yeah, think about literature. There are so many characters who are common people who are kind and noble. But they end up happy in the end, like Jane Eyre.

Christine: That’s true. Like Snow White’s stepmother. She was really beautiful but she was also really mean. But that’s just a story. In real life, people prefer appearance over personality.

Katherine: What’s up with you today? You are not yourself.

Christine: I entered a speech competition and I’m really nervous that the judges are going to prefer the pretty girls.

Katherine: Don’t be ridiculous. They are mature adults. They are not going to judge you on appearance. As long as you dress formally and act confident, there won’t be a problem. You can’t change how you look, so you just have to show your strengths.

Christine: OK. I’ll go back and practice more and I’ll try to use my natural skill and charm to draw the judges’ attention.

Katherine: That would be good. They will love you.

prof. Yang: 好,今天这节课呢,我们请来了三位美国同学,他们是毕飞宇、舒丽娜和于敏容。好,于敏容你能先介绍一下毕飞宇是什么样的性格吗?

Meredith: 毕飞宇he jokes a lot all of the time. But despite this he’s very serious at times when he needs to be, so he’s very trustworthy.

Prof. Yang:舒丽娜,你能介绍一下毕飞宇是什么样的性格吗?

Marlena: I have known毕飞宇for about a year now, so I have gotten to know him very well. He is very funny and like Meredith said he likes to joke a lot. Despite this though, he is very very smart. He is the smartest kids we have in our Chinese class. He is very fun to be around and his personality is one of the best around.

Prof. Yang: 好,在这里呢,她形容毕飞宇是非常非常smart的一个孩子。Smart在这里不光人长得帅,还是很聪明的意思。好,接下来呢,让我们来认识一下今天来的一个小画家。好,我们先听毕飞宇是怎么介绍这位小画家的。

Prof. Yang: You know she is good at painting. So can you say a little about 于敏容?

Reuben: 于敏容is very artistic and she likes to draw and paint all of the time and she is also very quiet, which makes it hard to get to know her. However once you start talking to her about things like art, she opens up and is very knowledgeable on the subject.

Prof. Yang: 舒丽娜,你认识于敏容多长时间了?How long do you know about your roommate?

Marlena: I have known her for about 7 weeks now. She has been my roommate since we arrived in China. She is very smart and when you first meet her, she is a little shy, but she opens up to you almost immediately and is very talkative.

Prof. Yang: So by talkative what do you mean?

Marlena: She likes to talk a lot. She will talk to you about many different subjects if she really likes the subject, like art.

Prof. Yang: Ok。舒丽娜,I’m going to ask your friend to talk about you.

Marlena: Ok.

Reuben: I have known舒丽娜 for a year since we started studying Chinese. She is not only very talkative but also very smart. As well as being athletic, she used to be a lifeguard. She and I are very similar and we have a lot of things to talk about in common.

Prof. Yang: 于敏容,do you want to say a little about your friend?

Meredith: Absolutely. 舒丽娜is my roommate. She is much fun to be around. She talks a lot of course in a good manner and we are perfect roommates because she talks a lot and I listen a lot.

Julie: Well, we met each other two years ago.

Owen: Oh. What can you tell me about yourselves?

Julie: Well. She is a very energetic and kind-hearted person. And during the vacations, she will go to the rural areas in China and teach English in that place.

Joyce: Thanks for so much for your compliments. She also very cute and smart. And I think she is very considerate and especially good at coordinating. Whenever things went out of control, she can always think of some better ways to improve that. So that is why we all love her so much.

Owen: Jason, you’re kind of quiet. Why are you so quiet?

Jason: I am a little shy and I’m not keen on talking and I just prefer to listen.

Zheyu: Yes, Jason is a serious boy and he doesn’t show emotion very much. And at the beginning, many people think he’s isolated and proud. But once you get to know him, you will find that he is very easy-going. He is just being quiet. And his major is engineering. He is very creative, logical and organized, and I admire him a lot.

Joyce: Jason, do you want to introduce your younger brother?

Jason: Zheyu is a lovely boy and he is very hard-working.


Mum: Honey, thank you for buying this wonderful gift for me!

Dad: No!

Mum: You never never remember my birthday. Oh, it`s from Stanley and Emily. Stanley, Emily, thank you so much for this wonderful gift.

Emily: you are welcome!

Stanley: Happy birthday, mom.

Mum: I have never expected you to give me such wonderful chocolate. Next Sunday I will take you out to go hopping together.

Emily: Wow, thank you mom.

Mum: I will buy a new skirt for you. Stanley, we are friends now. I won’t be a tight mother again.

Stanley: Great! Can I play computer games for a while?

Mum: Not after you do your homework.

Stanley: Fine, just keep it.

Mum: Okay, have chocolate with it.

Mum: Honey, why so late today? You look so tired and unhappy. What happened?

Tian Yuan: I’ve felt upset for the whole day.

Mum: Why? What happened?

Tian Yuan: We had an English dictation. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t spell a couple of words I know.

Mum: English is your favorite subject. You have never had any problems.

Tian Yuan: Yes. I didn’t do well in math and since then I spent hours and hours practicing math exercises. Now I am doing ok in math but my English is lagging behind.

Mum: OK. Don’t worry. Since you know where you can improve what you need to do is to work at it. You know, don’t take one or two low grades so seriously. So, if you know what you can improve you just go ahead and practice it.

Tian Yuan: What makes me upset is that I quarreled with Lily today.

Mum: Why? You are great friends, aren’t you? Why did you quarrel with each other?

Tian Yuan: This morning, we were doing some physics exercises together. I made some comments that might have hurt her. She cried and I decided to come home alone without waiting for her.

Mum: I see. I would suggest that you talk to her and say sorry to her tomorrow when you see her tomorrow morning. Ok? You know good friends should be considerate and also good friends need to care for each other. Sometimes I think you need to also control your feelings.

Tian Yuan: I know, mum. I will apologize to her tomorrow. I hope we can work it out.

Mum: Yeah, I think Lily is a good girl. I think she will forget about it when she knows that you really feel sorry about it.

Tian Yuan: You are a nice mum. You always understand me and never feel angry with me.

Mum: You know we often talk about… We do talk a lot and we share everything right.

Tian Yuan: Hehe, I think you will be my best friend forever.




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