Speaking to entertain: Telling compelling stories in a vibrant voice普通证书

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Speaking to entertain: Telling compelling stories in a vibrant voice

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教学方: Dr. Matt McGarrity, Principal Lecturer
UW Department of Communication

This course should help you find your voice. I mean that in a couple of ways. This course will delve into the mechanics of speaking - how your voice operates and is understood by others. We’ll also focus on storytelling as a way of finding your performance style. This course will help you develop the confidence and skills you need to be a more compelling speaker.
The first two weeks focus on the declamation speech, in which you perform a speech manuscript from a speaker you admire. We do this in order to sideline questions of content and focus solely on the ability to perform language in an engaging way. The second two weeks will focus on the story speech, in which you select, write, and perform a story. We do this in order to refine basic storytelling abilities, practice good memory techniques, and identify best performance practices (where and how to use humor, for example).
By the end of this course, learners should be able to use pitch, volume, and rate to deliver exciting talks, appear confident and animated while speaking fluidly from a manuscript, and write and perform a compelling story with rich details and emotional delivery. Learners will record speeches, providing and receiving peer feedback.


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