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Writing a Successful Business Plan

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Designed to help you write a realistic annual business plan for your new or existing enterprise, which will help you raise equity and debt financing, act as a standard against which to measure future results and guide your journey. The business plan acts as a filter to assist you in making future decisions which may alter the course of your enterprise.
Ideal for owners and managers of start ups, early stage businesses, and matured small businesses who do not have a comprehensive business plan. This course includes a template for writing an annual plan, allowing you to better understand the enterprises critical risks, growth busters, and success factors. Also appropriate for those who serve entrepreneurs such as incubators, networking groups, micro loan programs, venture capitalists, consultants and colleges.
You'll learn the topics to include in a business plan, how to organize those topics and the content to include under each topic. Topics will include management, customers and markets, competition, products and services, sales and marketing, financials, operations, critical risks, short history, timetable of future events and executive summary. This annual business plan is an internal audit of your enterprise and offers a continuing due diligence for management.
By the end of the course, you'll have a professional business plan you can begin using right away, and a better understanding of the factors most important for your enterprise's success.

"It's been great. Bob is such a great instructor. This program should be run all year round" Daniel
"I love how the assignments make us think about how to develop our business strategy" Ayien...... "I like the fact that it is practical and addresses real scenarios" John... "I've tried to write a business plan multiple times and this has been the most successful I've been at it thus far" Christopher... "What I like the most about the course is that I have to think more deeply about the needs of my business; and about its strenths and weaknesses. Bob is not just telling me how to do a business plan; but I am actually doing it; which is great" Maria



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